Case study

Blackhawk Audio

Living Proof Ministries came to Blackhawk Audio for their audio system needs for their touring ministry that serves between 5,000- 15,000 worshipers per event. Blackhawk has extensive experience with in-the-round performances like LPM’s and was looking to expand their inventory. After realizing the amount of additional line array modules and motors that would be required, they opted for an Anna/Otto combination allowing them to achieve better results with less setup time in a more compact form factor.

The compactness of Adaptive columns provides reclaimed real estate for lighting and in LPM’s example, four video screens. Resolution software is used to model and control the system for the events, allowing the team to make coverage adjustments, even mid-show.

Blackhawk Audio Equipment list

– 40x Anna 3-Way Full-range Array Modules
– 12x Otto ADAPTive Subwoofers

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