Live Sound International’s Anya Feature

We are pleased to share this month’s feature article from Live Sound International with EAW’s friends and fans. Check out the article to get an insiders view of the Anya system and how Robert Scovill, one of the great FOH innovators, made our Adaptive Performance a centerpiece for the tour.

Here’s what Scovill says about the challenge of working in so many different types of venues across the tour…

“Anya helps overcome this challenge because you have so much control over the directivity that it doesn’t matter how many of them you fly,” he says. “You can tell the system (via the software), ‘I want you to start coverage 15 feet from the barricade, and to go just past the mix position, and then I don’t want any more audio up in the bowl from that center array.’ And it does exactly that. It’s breathtaking how well it can be done, to have so much control.”

Robert Scovill
Front of House Engineer
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

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