EAW Warranty


Congratulations on your purchase of this EAW product! 

Save your sales receipt and keep it in a safe place. Be certain that your sales receipt lists the serial number of each EAW product that you purchased. If it does not include the serial number(s), contact your dealer immediately. 

Your EAW product’s warranty begins automatically on the date of your sales receipt. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT. 

EAW performs all warranty & non-warranty service and repair, as well as spare parts fulfillment here in Whitinsville, MA. Our highly-trained technicians are committed to providing customers with the best support possible, and in order to do so we ask that all service requests be accompanied by the following information: 

  1. A Return Authorization number (RA#) provided by EAW Service 
  2. A copy of your original sales receipt, including serial number(s) 
  3. The EAW model name and part number from the loudspeaker input plate or processor rear panel 

To contact EAW Service & Parts, call 800-992-5013 / +1-508-234-6158 and follow the prompts or email parts@eaw.com or service@eaw.com. 


Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) warrants its products for these periods starting from the date of delivery to the owner from an authorized dealer or authorized EAW distributor. Loudspeakers 6 years; Weather Protected (WP) Loudspeakers 5 years; Active Electronics 2 years; Accessories 2 years. 

WHAT IS COVERED: During the applicable warranty period, EAW warrants the product against defects in workmanship and materials and against malfunctions. EAW will remedy all such defects and malfunctions without charge for parts or labor if the warranty applies. Final determination of warranty coverage lies solely with EAW. 

WHAT IS NOT COVERED: 1. This warranty does not extend to damage or malfunctions resulting from, but not limited to, 

shipment, improper installation, misuse, neglect, abuse, normal wear, accident, or to any product on which the serial number has been modified or removed. 2. Exterior defects in or damage to the exterior appearance are specifically excluded from this warranty. 3. EAW shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of this product. 4. Repairs and/or modifications by other than EAW or an authorized EAW distributor automatically void this warranty. 

OBTAINING WARRANTY SERVICE: 1. Obtain a factory Return Authorization (RA) number (required) by contacting the EAW Service Department. 

  1. Write the RA number so it is prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping carton. Any products received without an assigned RA number that is clearly visible upon arrival at the factory will be refused. 
  2. Enclose a proof of the original delivery date or a copy of the original sales receipt. 4. Enclose a description of the suspected defect or malfunction and the conditions, if any, which caused the problem. 
  3. Return the product to EAW or to an authorized EAW distributor. 

WARRANTY SHIPPING: 1. You are responsible for prepaying shipping costs F.O.B. EAW, Whitinsville or to an authorized EAW distributor. 

  1. Shipping products must be properly packaged. Where possible, use the original shipping carton and packing materials. If the original shipping carton cannot be used, contact EAW to send you a new carton, for which there will be a small charge. 
  2. EAW will not be responsible for damage resulting from inadequate packing. Any units received damaged due to improper packaging will be deemed out of warranty. 
  3. If the product is found to be under warranty, EAW will prepay return shipping costs for standard, ground transportation. If you need expedited shipping, you will be charged for this. 

YOUR WARRANTY RIGHTS: This warranty is exclusive, and no other warranty is expressed or implied. You have specific legal rights under this warranty. You may have additional rights that are specific to your region. Additionally, the applicability of certain provisions or this warranty may vary for your region. In no event shall this warranty affect your statutory rights. Contact EAW, your local EAW distributor, or EAW dealer for any additional information. 

For more information concerning EAW service and warranty policies, contact: 

EAW Service Department 1 Main Street Building 13 Whitinsville, MA 01588
tel 800-992-5013 / +1-508-234-6158

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