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From our president:

I love my job. My team and I get to work in this industry leading a global brand built over 40 years on a foundation of consistent and world leading technology and innovation. Our products get used in Stadiums, Arenas, Performing Arts Centers, Houses of Worship, and Festivals to support events that inspire and energize people from all walks of life.

That’s what gives the entire EAW team the drive to improve the industry we serve. None of us feel this is just a job, this is our passion. But this is not enough. What drives us into the future? What drives us to be more than we were yesterday? It is the commitment to our customer’s success. Helping you successfully run your business, to do what you love, to support your team, and grow your business is what keeps us innovating and striving to be a better EAW every day.

Welcome to the new EAW. One driven by passion for our industry and commitment to our customers.

This is going to be fun.

TJ Smith – President of EAW

Welcome to EAW
Welcome to EAW

The People. The History.

EAW is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding by doing what we do best: producing a product range for everyone interested in creating a perfect sound canvas, from a studio apartment to a 75,000 seat stadium, and everything in between. We are proud to have grown to be a byword for innovation and leading-edge technologies and the benchmark in both production and installed sound across the globe. Our greatest accomplishment is being recognised and admired globally by industry professionals as the name in sound behind everyone from global church and stadium figures to household rock names. We have been working to make our customer s successful since 1978 and we have no plan to stop any time soon.

EAW designs its products at its headquarters in Whitinsville in addition to hosting research and development, engineering, sales & marketing, support and administration.


With well over 100 models in more than a dozen application-specific series, EAW proudly provides loudspeakers for audio pros to optimize each sound in both permanent installation and mobile production. We also develop software products that let users design arrays and model the results as well as programs that control DSP in EAW signal processors and onboard NT processors. Our proprietary technology in every piece of hardware and software we produce deliver precision sound in all environments: stadiums, churches… eliminating anomalies in a loudspeaker’s time domain.


Adaptive Performance integrates nearly every aspect of a loudspeaker – mechanical, electrical and acoustical design – to one end: ideal three-dimensional coverage of every venue, every time.


Dynamic Optimization actively tracks input spectrum and power delivery, continually maximizing output and fidelity at any drive level.


Symmetrical arrangement of acoustic sources along a common axis for utmost consistency throughout the coverage pattern.


A method of seamlessly integrating MF and HF components within a single horn. With CSA, multiple subsystems sum coherently, without interruption to either HF or MF wavefronts.


Tuned spacing of LF components to extend pattern control without the need for enormous horns.


Use of advanced digital signal processing to perfect impulse response of a loudspeaker in the time domain. Eliminating horn “honk” and splashiness, the loudspeaker sounds more like a studio monitor than a “PA” speaker.


Introduced over a decade ago for our MK series loudspeakers, EAW Engineers use carefully-designed HF horns and crossovers to eliminate polar irregularities through the crossover point.

Welcome to EAW

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Our dedicated Application Engineers are here to help you. This diverse group of people have the resources, experience, and background in touring, production, and system integration markets, and are always available to offer their technical expertise wherever you are. Simply go to our contact page, select your location and enquiry, and relax knowing that our experts will help you until your issue is resolved.

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Need a product drawing? EASE data file? Specification sheet?
The EAW Documentation Library is the place to find it.

Our Application Engineers constantly update the content of the library to ensure that you can always get what you need when you need it.

EAW Documentation Library W Documentation Library

Welcome to EAW

Training resources

Our Application Engineers recognize the importance of training and professional development, so they have created an extensive library of education and training materials that can be found on our website and YouTube channel. You will find application guides, technical articles, white papers and videos that cover a wide range of topics including core system design topics and basic physics. You will also find a range of materials that specifically cover EAW Products, Software and Certification Programs. Check it out!

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Got a general enquiry? Looking for design help? Want to locate spare parts? We’re ready to talk. Help. And make sure you’re happy.